Driver Door Inner Panel Repair


Driver Door Inner Panel Area #3 Repair Piece

Donor piece cut out from inner panel of the original driver door.

Driver Door Inner Panel Area #3 Layout

New donor piece was placed on top of door, a marker was used to trace its outline onto the new driver door.

Driver Door Inner Panel Area #3

Marked area to be cut out of the inner panel on the new driver door.

Driver Door Inner Panel Area #3 Cut Out

A body saw was used to cut just inside the marked area.

Driver Door Inner Panel Area #3 PreWeld Setup

Once the piece was trimmed and fitted into the new cut out, medium size magnets were used to hold the piece in place for Mig welding.

Driver Door Inner Panel Area #3 Final Weld

Final Mig welding completed.

Driver Door Inner Panel Areas #1, 2, 3 Final Repair

Three new donor pieces were installed to complete the inner panel of the new driver door.

Passenger Door Inner Panel Repair

2014-03-30 15.50.13

2014-04-15 15.49.34

2014-04-15 15.49.49

Door areas of the inner panel which were cut out to lighten the car for drag racing.

2014-04-14 19.32.41

2014-04-14 19.32.22

2014-04-14 19.33.01

Donor panel being fitted for installation into new donor door. Using the clip holes of the inner door panel as a guide, this ensured proper alignment of handles, window regulator and panel clips. If you look closely at the top picture, you can see the red painted area of the original door latch positions under the new panel. Once the position of the new inner panel was correctly placed  over the old, a marker was used to trace an outline around the perimeter onto the old panel. A body saw was used to cut the old panel just inside the line.

2014-04-15 18.24.10

Donor panel being Mig welded into the new donor door.

2014-04-15 18.23.23

Closeup of the Mig welds.

2014-04-16 18.04.51

Final installation and Mig welding of inner panel.

Passenger and Driver Side Quarter Window Repair


Typical rusted body sheet metal that was under the lower chrome trim pieces of the rear passenger and driver quarter window areas. The dotted marker line is the flange limits, an the solid layout line is the location used to cut out the rusted body pieces.



Typical quarter window donor piece (passenger side shown) being prepped, cleaned, old spotwelds removed and temporarily trimmed for installation.



An air saw and spotweld remover bit were used to remove the sheet metal of the rusted area. The spotwelds were drilled out from the inside panel. The old spotwelds that remained on the donor pieces were ground down flat, so the pieces could be Mig welded to the inner panels from inside the car. The spotwelds holes on the inner panels were the points used to Mig weld the new pieces to the inner panels.



Donor pieces receive final trimming and fit for installation.



Donor pieces being Mig welded and ground down.



Quarter Window body repair’s completed until final body work.