Passenger and Driver Front Floor Pan Replacements

The passenger front floor pan was completely rusted out and the floor pan area was removed.


A donor passenger and driver front floor pans were cut from another vehicle found in a automotive salvage yard using a electric saws-all. The spot welds that held the floor sheet metal to the uni-body frame rail were drilled out using a spot weld bit remover.


100_2688 100_2702 - Copy 100_2703 100_2704

It was necessary to fabricate a new flange piece (2 sections for ease of build) to be spot welded to the passenger side inner frame rail, so that the donor floor pan could be attached to create the new floor.

2015-11-18 14.48.42 2015-11-18 14.50.13 2015-11-18 14.50.36 2015-11-20 14.52.44 2015-11-20 14.54.07 2015-11-20 14.54.27

The remaining surrounding floor area was temporarily trimmed to fit the donor floor pan.

2015-11-01 12.51.57 2015-11-01 12.51.43 2015-11-01 12.51.34 2015-11-01 12.50.15

The new donor floor pan will require some patch pieces to complete the floor. For the patch pieces, I used the excess sheet metal that were trimmed off of the donor floor pans. Once the patch piece is tack in, the welds are ground down with an air disc grinder.

2015-11-23 16.13.26 2015-11-23 16.13.40 2015-11-23 16.24.43 2015-11-23 17.22.58


Passenger and Driver Side Quarter Window Repair


Typical rusted body sheet metal that was under the lower chrome trim pieces of the rear passenger and driver quarter window areas. The dotted marker line is the flange limits, an the solid layout line is the location used to cut out the rusted body pieces.



Typical quarter window donor piece (passenger side shown) being prepped, cleaned, old spotwelds removed and temporarily trimmed for installation.



An air saw and spotweld remover bit were used to remove the sheet metal of the rusted area. The spotwelds were drilled out from the inside panel. The old spotwelds that remained on the donor pieces were ground down flat, so the pieces could be Mig welded to the inner panels from inside the car. The spotwelds holes on the inner panels were the points used to Mig weld the new pieces to the inner panels.



Donor pieces receive final trimming and fit for installation.



Donor pieces being Mig welded and ground down.



Quarter Window body repair’s completed until final body work.