Passenger Fender

Pass Front Fender 1

Car was repainted with black stripes. After wet sanding these areas it was determined that the original main striping was orange w/darker orange 1/4″ boarder pin stripe. 4-Type 5 Stripe Kit-Body Side color options were available for a 1972 Grabber P(62D) model. One color option was the Orange w/Orange that included the “Grabber” script. The Ford Part No’s for this option was, RH Fender D2DZ 6220000-E, LH Fender D2DZ 6220001-A, for the *L/Compartment and Quarter Panel Extensions D2DZ 6220000-J. *(See Spoiler and Quarter Panel Extensions Post photos, for pin stripe position and details.)

Pass Front Fender 3

Pass Front Fender 5

Pass Front Fender 4

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